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Expense tracking software for forward-thinking teams

Let your people focus on doing their best work, not submitting expense reports. Pleo’s spending solution provides your entire business with the necessary tools for simple expense tracking, approval, and reimbursements – all while staying in control of company finances.

Pleo expense tracking software

Free business expense tracker for teams of five or less

It’s never been easier (or freer) to sort out your expense management. Pleo’s Free plan can help get your small business expense tracking up and running, plus lay the foundation of a culture based on trust and transparency.

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A business expense app for every kind of company

When it comes to managing expenses, every business does things slightly different. With Pleo’s business expense tracker app, you’ll have everything your business needs – from smart company cards to a receipt scanner to simple reimbursements – no matter the size of your company.

Pleo's mobile receipt scanner in action.

How it works

Illustration of reimbursing dinner expenses with Pleo business expense tracking app

Buy something

Use your Pleo card to pay for something and you’ll get an instant notification on your app.

Illustration of receipt scanning with Pleo app

Add your receipt

Snap your receipt and add any important details to the Pleo app.

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You’re done!

That’s it! No more reimbursements or tedious expense reports!

Transform your business spending

See how all of Pleo’s features can improve your expense management.

  1. Manage company cash flow with Bills

    We know that invoices make up a huge part of business expenses. Bills is our invoice management system that removes the hassle from paying invoices and makes it easy to track expenses of all kinds.

  2. Track mileage with Pocket

    Not every expense can go on a Pleo card, but you still need to keep track of those expenses. That’s why we have Pocket, one central space to take care of things like mileage reimbursements, out-of-pocket purchases and cash spending.

  3. Accounting integrations you’ll love

    Not only can you record expenses in the app, but Pleo also integrates beautifully with your accounting tool of choice. Simplifying your workflow, saving time and eliminating errors – and making those month-end expense reports a breeze.

Why your company needs an expense tracking software

Employees don't want to have to hold on to receipts, and finance teams don't want to dig through piles of paper at the month-end. Why not save time (and money) by switching to Pleo's business expense tracking software?

Learn about the true cost of manual expense reporting.

Employee scans a handful of receipts with Pleo's receipt scanning software

Benefits of a business expense tracking software

Trust your team to buy what they need to do their best work. No more out-of-pocket purchases and reimbursements.

See how manual expenses are hurting your employees.


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