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Our code of conduct

At Pleo, our vision is to ‘Go beyond the books’. Yes, we help organisations manage their spending; we also believe in creating unity throughout organisations by empowering everyone to buy what’s needed while making life easy for finance folks —helping businesses go further.

To ‘go beyond’, we must first establish the fundamentals—how we act towards each other, make decisions and engage with others inside and outside of Pleo. Everyone, including our broader community (partners, customers, external stakeholders, regulators and advisors), should uphold Pleo’s code of conduct, ensuring we create a safe space for all.

Our vision, values and conduct in action.

Alongside our vision to ‘go beyond the books’, we have four core values that guide our actions at Pleo:

→ We champion the customer

→ We make it happen

→ We succeed as a team

→ We build to scale

These values set the tone for building our product and teams— with people at the centre. We cannot live by our values without also following our ethical principles and code of conduct.

Our ethical principles:

Make a safe space for everyone.

We recognise each person for who they are and their identities and ensure everyone’s treated with respect.

Act by the book

Pleo is involved in regulated financial activities and is committed to safeguarding customer funds. We have unwavering standards to ensure our employees act by the book and that Pleo follows both the letter and the spirit of applicable laws and regulations.

Consider our impact on the world

We’re conscious of our immediate surroundings and broader impact on people and the planet, constantly working towards a more sustainable future.

Protect our community

We are one community - of employees, partners, suppliers and customers, each responsible for protecting the others. To do this, we make commitments to each area.

Our employees

  • At Pleo, we're dedicated to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion, actively supporting underrepresented groups and celebrating individuality within a welcoming community.
  • We maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination, bullying, and harassment, with mechanisms including our SpeakUp! Channel for reporting misconduct.
  • Our commitment to safety extends to physical and mental well-being, ensuring compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.
  • Integrity is at the heart of our operations; we prohibit bribery, corruption and undertake to avoid conflicts of interest. We hold ourselves accountable for taking action to prevent and detect money laundering and the financing of terrorism. We train all our employees at least annually on these topics, how to uphold integrity and where to report any concerns.
  • We conduct our business ethically and transparently, safeguarding employee confidentiality and striving for a positive global impact.
  • We're focused on continuous improvement to meet our team's needs and support their growth while promoting sustainable choices and industry-wide responsibility.

Our customers

  • We treat every customer fairly, always acting in good faith, communicating clearly and safeguarding their rights.
  • The safety and security of our customers' personal and financial information is paramount.
  • We're continuously enhancing our products and empowering our team to deliver exceptional service.
  • Feedback is our compass, guiding us to improve and innovate while being accountable for our actions.
  • Transparency is our policy in all dealings, ensuring customers have all the information they need.

Our broader community

  • We're dedicated to safe and respectful interactions for everyone involved with Pleo.
  • Our community is expected to adhere to our code of conduct in all dealings.
  • We engage with regulators openly and promptly, keeping up with changes and developments.
  • Fair competition is key; we avoid practices that could unfairly disadvantage competitors or customers.
  • Honesty is our policy; we don’t spread false information about our products or those of others.
  • We use our influence to support and share best practices in fostering a sense of belonging.
  • Mindful of our environmental impact, we're committed to making climate-conscious decisions.

This Code of Conduct was approved by Pleo’s Board of Directors and CEO on 09.08.2023