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Important changes coming to Pleo

As a business that operates across sixteen different markets in Europe, we take pride in serving more than 25,000 customers, enabling them to manage their spend more effectively. Pleo is committed to, not only full compliance with European payment regulations and bank-level security measures, but also implements rigorous safeguarding procedures in order to ensure our systems and customers are kept secure at all times.

To keep pace with the evolving regulatory landscape, we must make corresponding adjustments. To  guarantee unwavering compliance, strengthen our presence in the UK, and enable greater scalability, we're joining forces with B4B Payments, a globally respected provider of card issuing and embedded payment services, to leverage their licensed capabilities in the UK. B4B Payments is part of the Banking Circle Group, a trusted entity for some of the largest and most successful Financial Institutions and Corporates. 

This partnership with B4B Payments is a significant step towards achieving our mission of empowering businesses with practical and secure financial management solutions. By leveraging B4B Payments' licensed capabilities in the UK, we aim to navigate the complexities of the post-Brexit regulatory environment while maintaining the highest security and compliance standards for our valued customers.

We look forward to bringing this partnership to customers in the UK to strengthen our capabilities offering to the benefit of small and medium sized businesses across the UK.

Tom Jennings, CEO of B4B Payments: We’re excited to embark on this new collaboration with Pleo, providing BIN sponsorship issuing and payment services, bolstering security and upholding the highest regulatory standards. The changes that we have seen post-Brexit have had a huge knock-on effect on fintechs like Pleo who have a growing European presence. Together we are dedicated to delivering a new level of confidence and compliance for Pleo customers and partners in this evolving landscape and being the go to provider of Banking as a Service (BaaS) for the FinTech industry .”