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Pleo Partners — Scaleup Finance

How Scaleup Finance is redefining financial management with Pleo

Andy Stulga, Finance Director and Charlie Robinson, UK MD

The challenge

Introducing Scaleup Finance — financial management for next generation founders. Founded back in 2021 in Copenhagen, for the past year and a half, they’ve been operating in the UK and Denmark, catering to an array of businesses.

Scaleup first became an idea after its founders, Alexander Wulff, Nicolai Rasmussen, Patrick Jørgensen and Thorbjorn Ronje, were working alongside a group of businesses who were really struggling with their financial management. At the time, they couldn’t work out whether this was a local problem or whether this was indicative of something much bigger. It was the latter. 

Fast forward to now, and they have a vision to become the most loved financial platform by founders in the world. They’re building financial efficiency to enable people to build businesses and change the world around them, and make it easier to succeed. 

  • Working with outdated financial tools and solutions

    Founders were feeling frustrated with trying to scale up their accounting admin work with out-of-touch tools and solutions. Operating their financial systems was a burden for everyone involved that led to headaches around doing bookkeeping in time, payment runs, expense management and payroll.

  • Founders were lacking the freedom to be founders

    In the start-up world, you have to expect to pick up the odd task here and there to keep the business running. But we’re not talking about founders and CFO’s being pulled away from the work that really matters to do manual and tedious expense-related chores. 

    “[Manual work] takes away from founders focusing on core business activities like board meetings and focusing on commercial finance.” — Andy Stulga, Finance Director

  • Accounting firms couldn’t keep up with today’s workflows

    Many accounting firms aren’t adapting to the dynamic and fast-paced ways of working of today’s startups and small businesses. Just as the rest of the business needs to be flexible across the growth stages, so too does the financial management. 

The solution

Well, it’s kind of simple. The founders of Scaleup Finance built their own tool – creating a service that refuses to accept the outdated ways of accounting and thinking when it comes to managing company growth. 

To add even more value to the service, Scaleup Finance chose to partner with Pleo because our solution helps their clients remove the tedious admin that comes with manual financial management. 

“One of the reasons why we partner with Pleo is because our values and ethos in terms of how we see finance and operations is about automation and making use of the best-in-class technology to make everything easier. I feel Pleo has very similar values, the technology is really easy to use, it streamlines a lot of our processes.” — Andy Stulga, Finance Director.

The results

For Scaleup, it’s all about cleaning up, and simplifying, their clients' expense management systems, so they can focus on the work that matters. Let’s be honest: Businesses everywhere have more critical work to do than chasing down receipts for that client lunch. On top of this, there’s nothing more crucial to businesses than data, and getting it right. 

“Pleo really simplifies the expense management for our clients. We’ve had customers in the past who were still doing their expense management manually, via email. They would send receipts and do a payment run. Once we introduced Pleo, it really helped solve their pain points, and it’s more scalable — customers really like using Pleo because it’s a simple platform with easy approvals.” — Andy Stulga, Finance Director.