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Make cost management the cornerstone of your project

Suppliers, sites, deadlines ... Construction projects are complex enough as it is. Don't let the need for impeccable bookkeeping slow you down. Pleo makes balancing the books a breeze so you can focus on the job at hand.

30,000+ happy customers

For any and every expense

Hardware, software, office supplies, travel expenses and tea bags! No matter your role in the construction industry, there are always multiple and time-consuming expenses to be managed. Pleo gives you back your time, so you can spend it where it matters.

Pleo and your business. Here's how it works

You pay for something

Using a Pleo card. Construction site materials? Meals on a business trip? ERP software? Whatever it is, do it with your Pleo card.

Snap a photo of the receipt

With the app immediately after payment. The photo is uploaded to the system and the receipt/invoice goes in the paper bin for recycling.

Job done!

The payment is recorded in the system and your bookkeeping is updated. The end. You get to focus on deadlines, delivery and keeping your team happy, safe in the knowledge that all expenses are just as they should be.

Kiss paper receipts goodbye

Simplify your spend with Pleo

Simplify your spend with Pleo

Employees out-of-pocket?

With Pleo

Never. If they use their Pleo card, they’ll never need to pay out of their own pocket. If they don't use it, they can get their money back within minutes. Simple, right?

Without Pleo

They pay out-of-pocket, ask for the receipt, keep it (or lose it!), pass it on, the receipt is lost … and reimbursement chaos ensues. It’s a time-waster, and moral-drainer.

Year-end reporting

With Pleo

Fast, paperless and with completely transparent accounts, showing exactly where the money was spent and with payment records to check. Impeccable.

Without Pleo

Crumpled receipts, missing invoices, unusual and inexplicable reimbursement requests, general mayhem and obligatory panic! OK maybe not so bad, but balancing the books manually? Admit it: you wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Your team

With Pleo

Contented and independent thanks to having their own Pleo card for any work-related expense.

Without Pleo

Frustrated. Feeling like just another pawn, an insignificant cog in the system, who goes to work and that's all. Give them a Pleo card and see how they change 📈


With Pleo

Time and energy to spend on what matters; meeting deadlines, meeting suppliers and meeting targets.

Without Pleo

Stressed and lost somewhere between "What on earth is this expense" and "Where the heck is that other expense".

Your construction company

With Pleo

Reliable. Delivering outstanding results to your customers, with its books in order and a loyal team.

Without Pleo

With no firm financial foundation, there’s a constant headache. When bookkeeping goes wrong, everything else is affected. Sooner or later a solution has to be found … Pleo it.

What other construction companies are saying about Pleo: GME

It’s a very streamlined and intuitive application. In just two minutes it allows you to record expenses that used to take months.

Daniel Cid, HR Manager at GME Energy

How can Pleo cards help your business?

Pleo issues expense cards, both virtual and physical, that can be used by your staff to pay for building materials, travel, fuel or any other everyday construction expense. Each card has an individual spending limit and is PIN-protected in the Pleo app.

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