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Simplify company expenses with Pleo and Billy.

Sync up all your company expenses, receipts and account numbers with Billy. Save yourself and your team from boring, time-wasting expense headaches.

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Here's how Pleo works...

Power to your people

Your team get their own virtual or plastic Pleo cards.

Automated expense reports

Receipts are captured on-the-go, no more paperwork.

... and here's how Pleo works with Billy

Flawless integration

Easily send purchase data, receipts, account numbers and notes directly to the desired cash journal in Billy.

Error?! No thanks

Manual expenses mean human error. Sad but true. Our integration removes that risk, to make syncing every purchase seamless.

Accurate accounting

Split expenses so you can export to two or more different Billy accounts.

Sharper forecasts

The Pleo integration lets you track spending, ensuring you can make accurate plans.

Connect Pleo and Billy in just a few clicks

Integrating your Billy account with Pleo is straightforward – and fast.

Sync all of your spending data, including receipts

Complete purchase data is pushed to Billy to match your accounting records. That includes receipts, account numbers and notes.

Save (a lot of) time, reduce manual errors

Pleo automates expenses, helping you to focus on other things. We even remind your team if they’re missing receipts.


When logged into Billy, you need to create a new account named Pleo and a journal to match. Then log in to Pleo, head to the Settings page and choose Billy from the Accounting list. Follow the instructions, it doesn’t take long. Want a step-by-step guide? No problem.

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