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A better way to manage digital advertising spend

With Pleo's virtual cards, you can keep track of all your advertising spend and simplify receipt reconciliation.

One spending solution, thousands of happy companies

Virtual cards with spending limits

Simple Reconciliation

Match receipts with the right purchases

Simply drag and drop the digital receipts to the right transaction, Pleo will do all the rest. If you receive the invoice on your email, Pleo Fetch will add it for you automatically.

Spending Overview

Spending in real-time, in sync with finance

All spending can be tracked in real-time along with all the important data in place, along with receipts. Sync everything instantly with your accounting software and make things easier for your finance teams.

Simplified Bookkeeping

Integrate Pleo with your accounting tools

Pleo works seamlessly with various accounting systems and saves you precious time on repetitive tasks. You can now import all expenses and associated data with a single click.

Trusted by more than 30,000 companies

Highly rated in all the right places